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সুখে-দুঃখে সবার পাশে

Screen Print Welfare Association (SPWA) is a non-governmental voluntary organization.It is said in the role of the constitution: “The organization is responsible for the cooperation, cooperation and fraternity of the professionals involved in screen print and strengthening and strengthening the work of skilled manpower in this industry.In addition to this, this organization will work for the support of the helpless, the poor, the disabled, the workers, the women and the children, the overall help.

“This means that first of all this organization will work as a common platform for screenprint professionals.

Secondly: as well as work for the helpless and disadvantaged people of the society.

Regarding the nature of the agency, Screen Print Welfare Association (SPWA) is a non-government, non-profit and non-political organization established in 2015 to serve the Screen Printing depressed communities in Bangladesh.”The organization’s main theme is” Education, Services, Development, Unity, Discipline, Help and Cooperation “. The organization’s main theme is ‘happiness and sorrow’.


One of the objectives and objectives of the organization is to make everyone working in this profession as a professional and serve the evil.Another goal of linking the screen printers to the same obstacle ..The special goals and objectives of working in the industry to create skilled manpower and working for overall development.Other goals and objectives include various types of welfare, recreational activities, such as we offer a variety of activities, including winter textile distribution, street children’s books, and education materials.In the capacity of being a member of the SPWA, it is said “Applicants must be associated with screenprint.However, anyone involved in the sale and production of the company owner and related equipment cannot be a member of this organization. “The above-mentioned topics have been included in the constitution to keep this organization durable, controversial and free.But it is also true that camcale and machine-building are an important part of this industry.So SPWA will take part in various collaborative and partnership based activities with them and will continue to do so.

Section 10 of the SPWA constitution is the repeal of the member rule, its important sub-section (n), which states that “If the work is done against the interests of the owner/owners of the organization, the membership will be canceled.That is, if the allegations of anti-business interests of the owner or owner of the organization or organization are found and if any evidence is proved that the member’s membership will be canceled.This section ensures that we are committed to our core work, to the organization and to the owners/owners.This section also says that there is no dispute or collision between the screenprint or the owners/owners of the screen printing service.Rather it is a collaborative institution. This section makes the organization’s position clear about our main responsibility and work.Through this section, the organization always keeps them aware and aware about the issue of basic work and loyalty as screenprint staff.


SPWA’s income and expenditure area: In addition to the donations and donations of members of admission fees, subscriptions, contributions and donations of the members, any funds corresponding to the organization’s goals, objectives and activities are considered as income of the organization.And the expenses are that, the internal costs of the organization, various support, and the welfare activities etc. It can be used to achieve the organization’s ideals, goals and objectives and development programs.


Other activities and plans: Currently the small part of the screen print professionals in Bangladesh are involved with this organization.Organizations are working to make the industry more involved in the industry. One of the organizational plans is to work with our respected owners to build relationships and festivals.Because this industry exists without the cooperation of the owners. One of our main goals is to make professionally trained professionals in this field more efficient.There are plans to start training and courses through partnership activities with various universities and institutes including.

BJMEA, BKMEA, Buttex, BUFT.In addition to making the staff skilled, it will be possible to make inexperienced educators interested in this profession.One of the plans for establishing a screenprint institute through SPWA.One of the objectives of this organization is to encourage the respected owners of the ready-made garment industry or the respected owners of the chemical / machine-rendering firm to create training centers for screenprint staff training.We have a plan to get involved with the print industry of the ready-made garments industry in different countries and abroad.

Through this, we will be able to send screenprint staff to the country for training at a time.We also have plans to organize different meetings and meetings in the country.Screen print has been a key role in the value addition of the ready-made garments industry. The idea of taking, sharing, and implementing new information about the new information and activities of this industry is coming out of the journey as a special activity of this organization.We have plans to create more opportunities in this regard.Like other professions, certification in this profession is also planned for future plans.The certificate number of this certificate will serve as the identification number of screenprint professionals.

This organization is organizing Gate Together with screen print workers outside the members and members of each year, which strengthens and strengthens members mutually.We think it’s a special day for us to spend together.As a plan to make mutual contact more constructive and co-sponsored, this time the family/family is included as well as the person in the gate together. That is, if someone wants to take part in Gate Together with his family.Also this time we have taken initiative to publish the magazine. In this magazine, people and organizations providing different chemical-machine supplies have become part of our program by providing advertisements.There are plans to publish this magazine regularly in the future.This magazine will be the voice of the screenprint of  Bangladesh.Moreover, there is a plan to make Jhikda’s own website more modern and timely.Also, in the future, screening programs like general knowledge competitions, writing competitions, directory publishing, supporting activities in the factories, book-making, research, working together with the Buying House, adopting the quality of factories and taking sustainable planning for screen printing. can go.


Screenprint is a neglected sector of the ready-made garment industry.We believe there is no alternative to working united in the development of this sector. The Screenprint Welfare Association (SPWA) has been working with that objective.Sadly, ‘Screenprints Welfare Association’ will be a time away from all sides, the support and the focus of the screen print program in Bangladesh is our hope.